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Boost your dubai villas value with these 6 projects

Even while the UAE’s real estate market is thriving and prices are already at all-time highs, it doesn’t hurt to maximize your property’s value, especially if you plan to sell. Investing in a high-quality landscaping project can help you boost the value of your Dubai property.

Landscaping is an update that will wow prospective buyers and inspire them to spend a little more money to close the deal and purchase your property without hesitation. Some of the best home renovation contractors in Dubai believe that landscaping has the potential to increase your property’s value, and because of its appeal, it should not be overlooked if you want to get the most money for it.

Leading interior designers also agree that curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers notice, and first impressions are important, especially when people are looking to buy a home. It will assure potential purchasers that the house’s structure and interior will be just as impressive as the exterior work and landscape. In this blog post, Primex, a top villa restoration company in Dubai, will walk you through various landscaping projects that will increase the value of your Dubai villa.

1. Plant large trees
Planting trees is the one landscaping job that practically every expert and apartment remodeling company in Dubai recommends for increasing the value of a villa or a house. Trees can boost the value of your property by up to AED 9,000 to 10,000, but to avoid interference and structural difficulties, plant them well away from driveways, septic systems, and the home itself.

Otherwise, buyers may expect expensive problems, lowering your home’s value. However, well-placed trees have regularly proven to be a good investment.

Almost everything you purchase loses value. Trees are the exception. Mature trees increase a house’s value. Large trees alone can increase area property prices by 4% to 20%. In a hot climate like Dubai, trees always cool the air, so planting trees is a win-win situation, and fruit trees are even better.

2. Install landscaping on the front walkway
Your footpath, often known as a walkway, is part of a prospective buyer’s first impression. So, take your time building a picture-perfect walkway and entrance. A well-decorated walkway quickly elevates the atmosphere within the home. Maintain proper lighting on the walkways, and place flowers on both sides. It will provide stunning beauty. You can employ top home renovation services in Dubai, such as Vigilant Design & Renovation, to achieve the best walkway landscaping.

3. Pay special attention to the lawn
Some of Dubai’s most experienced remodeling businesses will advise you to never underestimate the benefits of a well-kept front yard or grass when it comes to curb appeal. An appealing front yard and a well-kept lawn significantly improve the overall appearance of your home. When it comes to landscaping, the general rule is that your home should look as good as the ones next to it. Curb appeal is essential when selling a home; therefore, home sellers should at the very least have the trees pruned, the weeds removed, the lawn mowed, and the garden spruced up with some colorful seasonal flowers. You can always hire Dubai-based house remodeling and landscaping companies to handle such projects.

4. Do not forget about landscape lighting
Adding appealing landscape lighting to your home not only increases its value, but also improves the security around it. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a landscape makeover in Dubai, now is the time.

A well-lit yard increases a home’s value by improving its overall appeal. Solar-powered and LED lighting choices have recently emerged as viable alternatives to traditional hard-wired lighting systems. They prevent tripping, deter criminals, shade your trees, and illuminate your yard at night. LED lighting attracts many potential buyers and can significantly raise your property’s value.

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5. Get a fire pit
Dubai is blisteringly hot during the day, but it gets just as cold in the evenings. While you sip on juicy mocktails during the day, Dubai is the ideal location for hosting BBQ nights at home. For this, you’ll need a fire pit in your front or backyard. Outdoor landscaping enthusiasts choose both freestanding and built-in fire pits. A fire pit is a feature that significantly increases your villa’s value. A fire pit is an almost universally popular home feature, ideal for families, young couples, and anyone who enjoys hosting and entertaining friends. The usual cost of building a fire pit is relatively low, so the next time you consider home renovations in Dubai, include a fire pit in your landscaping project.

6. Create a water body
Water features are a classic Arabic element that practically all traditional residences in the UAE will include. Adding a pond or other water feature to your backyard can help increase your home’s value in the real estate market. It leaves a pleasant impression for the buyer to consider during their decision-making process. A backyard pond or fountain adds a unique element to your home. If you are considering a remodel in Dubai, make sure to include a water feature. Accent lighting at each end of the pond would be a great way to boost its aesthetic appeal.

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So, these are a few projects that Primex recommends you complete in your Dubai villa to increase its worth. All you have to do is pick the landscaping elements you want, contact Primex in Dubai, and get started.
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Villa renovation in Dubai